What Quick Movers Do?

Our module was quick respond to our clients’ needs with excellent and reliable service. Many years later we still practice the same module and we believe in it.


We do pickup and delivery furniture, Antique, Art, fine furniture and Appliances.


We do packing and crating such as furniture, antique, art and glass ware.


We do domestic and international shipping: pack and crate from one chair to the whole house and ship to all 50 states or ship around the globe by air, ocean and land.


We do warehousing: Receiving furniture, appliances, and pallets of different merchandise. We receive trucks or containers and unload them. We do store merchandise, furniture, boxes and pallets or almost anything (no food).


We do install furniture: Italian, European furniture we put together. We install picture, mirror on the wall. We mount; install furniture to the wall for earthquake proof.

Quick Movers Services

Pick-up and Delivery

Quick Movers will pick up your valuables, deliver them to the destination, and set-up to your specifications.

Local / Long Distance

Quick Movers will deliver locally or long distance.

World Wide Shipping

Quick Movers will ship your valuables worldwide via air, land or sea, and will submit all required paperwork for customs.

Custom Storage

Quick Movers will store your valuables no matter how big or small.


Warehousing furniture, appliances, and pallets of different merchandise.

Packing and Crating

Quick Movers will safely pack your valuables and build custom crating for unusual size items.

Showroom Set-up

Quick Movers has many years experience setting up showrooms at the Pacific Design Center and many other locations. We work with you and can supply the manpower based on your requirements.


Quick Movers will receive and store your or your client’s furnishings or showroom stock, while you complete your design projects, and then deliver and install.


Quick Movers will install your art and assemble furniture.

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Our objective is to respond to our clients’ needs with excellent and reliable services.

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